Longing for wholeness

Experiencing brokenness

Skin holds me in here

About Sabra Bowers

Poet / Blogger / Writer
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11 Responses to Broken

  1. bwarren says:

    I find myself in breath
    and am grateful
    you are here

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  2. Julianne says:

    Blown away by this one, Sabra. I can feel it in my bones.

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  3. Mary says:

    So glad you’re writing again. Like this a lot.

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  4. Reblogged this on Jennifer Daniels Neal and commented:
    Poet, Sabra Bowers posted this one recently, from a nursing home, and I think we can all feel it.

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  5. This one is special, Sabra, even from you, which means way special. I reblogged it.

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