My Scream

Daily and nightly, there is a scream lodged in my throat. It makes my throat sore and my chest feel hollow. To release it would physically hurt me.

This scream causes anxiety and is crazy-making. It is a silent scream, for now. Releasing it could possibly kill me.

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15 Responses to My Scream

  1. danielb59 says:

    Bless your heart. Still praying daily.

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  2. Maybe screaming would be a relief???? I don’t know, but I do wish you well. Muriel

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  3. Thank you for sharing. Makes me feel like I’m smothering, which is the point, I guess. Keep writing!

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  4. Donna Fromm says:

    I’ve just read this and I’m so curious about that “captive” scream you “speak” of…..
    What color is that scream??
    What age is it?
    Very old?
    When did you first notice it?
    Does it pay rent or does it have ownership?
    Is it friendly or?
    Are there visiting hours to chat with “the scream”?

    Thanks Sabra for sharing your beautiful work….

    Donna 🌱

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  5. I can relate both mentally and physically.

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