Good Enough

she said
if short is good enough
for Rumi
it’s good enough
for me


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long to be
wholly absorbed in

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 all a download                                                             

experiences you’ve had
voices you’ve heard
thoughts you’ve embraced
words you’ve spoken

encased in your vibration
now part of your DNA
even from generations back

the ugly and the beautiful
the joy and the sorrow
the pain and the forgiveness
the future and the past

render you whole and complete


 Fade by Nick Gentry
You can see more of his work at

Thank you dVerse Poets Pub for this inspiring prompt.

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Hanging On

unlike bats in covered places
brown, dried leaves
desperately hang to branches
in a sprinkle of cold rain


Wrote this morning while waiting in the drive-thru at Starbucks.
Some leaves and people find it easy to release and let go; others
hang on through the winter storms.

Happy New Year to you!






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in her life she allows
a door for fairies

she listens for their song
soft as frost on purple pansies

she sees them fly as low as the puff
of dark dust from a devil’s mushroom

and she sees their twinkle as brief
as the glow of lightning bugs

they are setting a tea party in the ferns
by the creek under the rhododendron

her camera catches them as orbs
lost in a fairy forest in Otto

Written for We Wordle 32 at Red Wolf Poems.  The words are fly, dust, song, puff, toy, frost, fairies, soft, door, lost, life.  I used all the words except toy.  Also, we were to mention a child’s game and mine is a tea party.

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To The Point


Playing with Zentangle pens today.  Tree leaves are mainly on the ground and the sky is murky-gray.  Definitely a day to cozy with the cats, make soup, drink peppermint tea, and create in my own small way.

A few months ago I began to play on Pinterest (here), and now I find it the first site I turn to when I log on my computer each morning.  After some thought I’ve decided I like it because it is visual.  I work with numbers all day, read or write words in my free time, and Pinterest gives me a feast of visual.  Creating boards is an easy, quick fix for the part of me that longs for visual joy.

I’m also enjoying inspiration from the Facebook group The Daily Creative Practice.  I’m sharing my little Zentangle as my contribution to today’s posts. Let’s get visual!


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Embracing Wholeness

lately, I think a lot about wholeness
wondering if it allows for a hole

if you look at the word wholeness
you will see hole

if you embrace all that you are
you will cherish the hole

it’s where genuine compassion resides

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Never Go Back

caring communities take time
to listen to concerns
and chat about viable compromises

they make contact
and serve for decades

they bring along a new generation
to assure a state of progress
for them, regression is not an option

Written for The Sunday Whirl.  The words are care, community, listen, concerns, collaborate, serve, decades, state, compromising, contact, time, chat.  I used all the words in some form.

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dismissed in a moment
he pondered the why of it

as the suits looked past him
in the veined marble hall

his mind spiraled down a hole
 seeking solace in sleep

Written for Red Wolf Poems Wordle #25.  The words are holes, hall, sleeping, spiral, moment, dismissed, looked, suits, pondered, veined, solace.  I used some form of all the words.

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Fishing and Swimming with Dwight

we fished from a shaded creek bank

a can for worms, a jar for grasshoppers
and a water bucket for the catch

my younger brother, Dwight
skillfully hooked the wigglers and hoppers

the creek water was cold, deep, and dark
home to tree roots and snakes

but still, we jumped in

our neighbor, Mrs. King
dressed and froze his minnow catches

when there was enough
she held a fish fry for him

Sharing my poem with Red Wolf Poems where I wrote this week’s prompt – to write a poem about a childhood memory.

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