Blue Bird of Happiness

May the blue bird of happiness grace your life.
May the water element do its good work.
May the world be whole again.

Blue Bird Painting 1-2-20

Words and Painting by Sabra Bowers.

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waiting is my current action plan
autumn assists me

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it was a surprise
to find the gate open

giving entry to the rutted road
I’d not walked since my youth

we meandered the yards around
the abandoned farmhouse and barns

my friend wanted to try the doors
I was hesitant
we weren’t supposed to be there

the door opened, another surprise
the rooms still held memories

my friend snapped a photo of me
in the yard of tall grass

later she wrote a poem
about my journey that day

she framed the poem and photo
and gave me a beloved memory

Sabra going home 1




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the photos sit on table tops
outside offices in corporate halls

altars to dead men, executives
who died tragically, too soon

it takes a shutting down of heart to ignore
the subtle energy drain of these altars

Yes, portraits of the dead have
their historical value and place

but it is macabre, I say, to
encounter them everyday at work

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If I told you the one thing
you must do for abounding opportunities,

would you do it?
Could you do it?

Like yourself.

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Dinner on the Porch

august in the city
cicadas’ songs adding magic
to the music and stories
on Lesly’s front porch

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I am one with all there is
All there is, is alive

All of it, one thing
Totally connected

Ripple affecting all
Now and forevermore


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there is a wholeness to life
there is a wholeness to my life
I am a part of the whole, life
I am wholly whole

     I am Spirit
     I am mind
     I am body
     I am whole

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The Order

begin with gratitude
joy will follow
bringing forth healing
birthing wholeness

Joy is my word for the year.  Each day I write five things
for which I’m grateful.  Wholeness is my focus.  I see my light
and my shadow.  How about you?

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living in the house of someone I used to be
excavating me

older now
no longer lithe

freer than I’ve ever been
time to throw my fears to the wind

lean in
to be younger than I was then

mound of blooms April 2018

Still writing a poem a day (some days two) in celebration of poetry month.
Mainly writing prompted poems, but this poem isn’t prompted, simply how
I’m feeling today.


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