The Order

begin with gratitude
joy will follow
bringing forth healing
birthing wholeness

Joy is my word for the year.  Each day I write five things
for which I’m grateful.  Wholeness is my focus.  I see my light
and my shadow.  How about you?

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living in the house of someone I used to be
excavating me

older now
no longer lithe

freer than I’ve ever been
time to throw my fears to the wind

lean in
to be younger than I was then

mound of blooms April 2018

Still writing a poem a day (some days two) in celebration of poetry month.
Mainly writing prompted poems, but this poem isn’t prompted, simply how
I’m feeling today.


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Georgia, Freda, Judy

Georgia O’Keeffe
Thank you for the flowers
I adore

Freda Kahlo
Through your portraits of pain
I feel

Judy Chicago
Thank you for The Dinner Party
I persist


To celebrate poetry month, I’m writing a poem a day with prompts from
2019 April PAD Challenge.   The prompt was to write a painter poem using
the name of the painter as your poem title.  You guessed it, I couldn’t choose
just one artist.


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shadows everywhere
otherwise known as shade
to a southern belle

Shadows March 27, 2019

The Daily Creative Practice is focused on Shadows for their Spring Equinox
Challenge.  Although I’ve always noticed and enjoyed the beauty of shadows,
the challenge has me noticing shadows indoors, as well.  As a southern woman,
I appreciate the life-saving shade of shadows during our sweltering 
in Georgia, USA. 




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Broken Pieces

searching shelled pecans
for broken pieces of goodness
leaving wholeness for later


shelled pecans

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Tribute to Mary Oliver

Mary, Mary, Mary
through poetry
your noticing became mine

Sunset December 2018

My poem was written at a Spirit Play session with InterPlay Atlanta.
Photo of sunset is a photo I snapped in my front yard.

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The Fare

it is fair to say
the pair felt the fare was outrageous

to pare the fare
one of the pair took out a knife to pare his pear

the falling peelings sent an unmistakable message
which the cabbie quickly understood

to be fair, he pared his fare to half


I’m playing silly with words and a prompt from Writer’s Digest
Poetry Prompt, Write a Fair Poem.




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secrets can change lives
sharing them can, too

choose carefully

which secrets to share
which to hold close
which deserve a new story

each choice has its own value
choose carefully

20151003_091141 (1)

Written in April 2018, many months before the Supreme Court nomination hearings.  My poem was written as I thought about family secrets and the
way lives can be changed by them.



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What I’d give 
     to smell your aftershave
     to touch your hand
     to see your face
     to taste your mouth
     and hear you laugh again

Doug working in his home office



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Likes and Dislikes

I detest jealous bosses,
hateful gossips,
and the routinely late.

I like old graveyards,
flower-filled window boxes,
and secret doors.

I cherish
sitting for hours
talking with K.


My poem Likes and Dislikes came up as a Facebook memory today.  It was posted on September 23, 2012.  Although six years old, I decided to post today because it still rings true.  My talks with Kay are more often on the phone these days instead of in person, but our talks can still be hours long.  



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