Snow Ride

It was winter in the early 1960s. I was spending the night with my friends, Barbara and Alva, who were sisters. The next morning we woke to a heavy snow fall seldom seen in Georgia. No traffic on the road.

I stayed over the next night and early that morning we heard a putt, putt, putt coming down the road. It was my dad coming to get me on his little John Deere tractor. Snow was still falling. He was the only thing on the road since the snow started. We got me settled standing behind him on the tractor and headed for home in the silence of snow. I hugged his shoulders as snow flew in our faces. It was a joy ride for me. The only sounds…us talking, the putt, putt of the tractor and the sound of the tractor tires crunching the snow covered dirt roads.

It continued to snow all the way home. Sometimes snow would fall on us when we drove under trees limbs. We were definitely wet. That is the best time I remember having with my dad. We laughed in this wonderland of snow and us.

Safely back at home, we put on dry clothes, warmed by the stove, and later made snow ice cream. It is a fine memory!


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12 Responses to Snow Ride

  1. Millie Stevens says:

    How I wish I could ease your pain.

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  2. Julianne Wilson says:

    Oh what a beautiful memory, Sabra. And your description took me right into the snow with you. I’m glad you had that moment in time with your dad, and glad it came back now to offer you comfort and uplift. Wishing you peace and contentment today….. Love, Julianne

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  3. Such a lovely story and great memories!

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  4. lynnhesse says:

    I posted your story on my Facebook. Loved it. Would you like to join The Walton Writers Zoom group? It meets twice a month and we read, make supportive comments for others work, and have fun. Barbara Barth started the group with multiple genres and poetry.

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  5. I was delighted you wrote a post!!! Had wondered how you are doing. I wish you well and a good 2023. May you have many pleasant days. All the best, Muriel

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