Angel Visit

The night of the day I wrote Moving On, I had an interesting three a.m. visit in the role of a CNA. She began talking as if she knew I was at the point of dark night of the soul and I was too exhausted to want to continue.

She started talking by saying, “Don’t give up… don’t ever give up.” Usually not the conversation from a CNA at three a.m. She explained that she had a stroke like mine, but in her thirties and she knew that it was much harder to have one in your seventies, as I had. She was using both her arms and was walking…with a stumble is a good way to describe her gait.

She also explained that her grandmother had a stroke in her sixties, a decade still makes a lot of difference, I thought to myself. Her grandmother was a nurse and refused OT and PT. She chose to do her own OT and PT on herself. She made a full recovery. My mind reminded me that I had badly broken my effected arm a couple of years before my stroke which complicates my recovery.

Then the CNA began to talk about God…wanted to know if I believed. Telling me again to never give up. After she left my room, I could feel a little hope returning to my soul in its dark night.

I do believe that sometimes a person like this woman walks into your life for a few minutes, never to be seen again. I think of them as angels.


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14 Responses to Angel Visit

  1. Thankful for your hope returning and for angels in whatever form they bring encouragement. Thankful that you keep posting. Love!

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  2. I agree with her. Don’t give up. Keep working at recovery. Here’s to you!!! Muriel

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  3. I’m so glad an angel visited you and shared her story. Your experience brightened my day as my mother has been in her dark night of the soul for a few days now. I’ve tried to be that angel, but I don’t think I’m the deliverer of the message. I guess being there is the only thing I can do.

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  4. lynnhesse says:

    Yes, I have had a few angels visit. Your unique self can’t be duplicated.

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  5. Denise says:

    I’m glad she was there for you. Like a sign. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜‡πŸ’œ

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  6. RD Watson says:

    A caring soul can lift your spirit out of the lowest low. Angels come even when we are not expecting them.

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  7. Mark Spruill says:


    I believe sometimes they ARE angels. And sometimes they are a person who’s relationship with the Lord allows Him to speak through them. Either way, it’s special.


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