Moving On

Would it shock you to know that if I knew how, I would give up my breath and move on to the next plane.

My stroked life and life in this nursing home are almost unbearable and certainly not worth sustaining…that I can see.

I left better days behind with no better possibilities in front of me.

If I knew how to peacefully, I would stop it now. No more pain and anxiety, please. Just peaceful moving on.


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6 Responses to Moving On

  1. Denise says:


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  2. VJ says:

    Sabra, I am sorry to read of your current state. thinking of you.

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  3. Julianne Wilson says:

    Dear Sabra, I wish I understood why it is that life clings to some so hard when there is a heart readiness for peace and respite of journeying on. I wish I had some answer or advice or assistance to offer that would bring you what it is that you need. I know there are those who would say, โ€œOh, you shouldnโ€™t feel this way.โ€ Or โ€œThings will get better.โ€ Or some other platitude that is usually at least as much to comfort the person saying it as intended to be caring of you. What I can say is that I hear you – I hear your longing for release, your grieving, your yearning, your frustration and pain and sadness. Your weariness. Your readiness. And I am willing to sit with you from here, in my heart, exactly where you are. Without being shocked. Loving you exactly where and how you are in this moment, Julianne


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