In my dream, I rose from my bed, put on my red robe and red slippers. Then I joined friends in my kitchen who were pouring milk over cereal. They were glad I had whole milk. I was happy in my dream.

When I woke, sadness filled me…aware I needed a Hoya lift and two people to rise from bed. I was ninety-nine percent sure I would never go home again and would never again wear my red robe and slippers.


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10 Responses to RED ROBE

  1. Julianne says:

    Thank you, Sabra, for your willingness to share your dream, sadness, and vulnerability with such a tender beauty. I know it can seem contradictory to use the word beauty in conjunction with what you shared, but I cannot think of a better word to describe the graceful way you invited us in to the heart of what you are experiencing in life right now. That – that is a gift. Much love to you this day and always, Julianne


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  2. I wish you something lovely red and warm. I am so glad you are still writing. Keep up the good work. You still have poetry.

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  3. hambrick123 says:

    Dear Sabra, I am glad you experienced brief happiness with your red robe, red slippers and friends in your kitchen through your dream. Thanks for sharing your reality. ♥️Kay

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  4. Denise says:


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  5. My sister, who was paralyzed, told me that in her dreams, she was walking and what was reality was just a bad dream. Interesting that you experience something similar. I wish you some pleasures in your days. Sincerely, Muriel

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