Still Covid

Tethered by all I feel I can’t or shouldn’t do.
When did I stop living my life and turn to
waiting it out? Telling myself to find joy on
this little plot which I call mine. Sadly, waiting
is now my ingrained way of being…a deeply
addictive habit.

About Sabra Bowers

Poet / Blogger / Writer
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9 Responses to Still Covid

  1. VJ Knutson says:

    Do you know one of the common dream themes for women is waiting. We learn to do it well. Enjoyed this piece.

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  2. I’m tired of waiting. This may last longer than I will. The US border (my kids live there) remains closed, but I intend to fly there anyway. It is very complicated and I may not get through, but I sure will try. Wish me luck. Take care.

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  3. Denise says:

    With great appreciation of your words, I realize how easy that is to do. Addiction is evil and comes in many forms. I miss you and our lunch talks so much.❤️

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  4. Mark Spruill says:

    Sabra, I can relate to your post. Thanks for writing it.

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