what’s so?
life, energy

it was here
long before humans

and will be here long after
we are gone

Mulberry Garden 4

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assuming another identity
I walked from my office desk
to Atlanta’s tree-lined streets

in every kind of weather
escaping is why I relished
my private detective work


Sabra and Shanhee

An old photo from my years of detective work.
My position was in accounting, but I took undercover
assignments when a woman was needed for the job.
My sweet puppy’s name was Shanhe, a Ihasa Opso.
He was a tiny baby then.

Written for The Daily Creative Practice Summer
Solstice Creativity Challenge.  The theme is Secrets.


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meditating on the front porch
late afternoon sun, bathing all of me
I’m mindful of sounds in and around me

to my left just off the porch
the soft rattling of a bird’s call
the comfy purr of a black cat rubbing my right leg

in the distance, the flowing hum of auto traffic
an airplane high above, barely audible
and the hiss of my tinnitus, always with me

front porch May 2018 1

One of two ferns that hang on either end of my front porch.

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she listens properly to herself
she breathes deeply and digs deep into years of dull memories
she bears witness to her own earth spirit and to sacred writing
her reverent acts of a re-creation of self

Sunday Whirl 1

Wordling again.  Writing with the Sunday Whirl this afternoon.
I used all the words in some form.  Happy Sunday!

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under pecan tree
nourishment offered wildlife
a bowl of water

Water for wildlife

I hope bees, fig wasp, rabbits, squirrels, birds, and cats visit the
water bowl during these hot Georgia days.  Doing my part to keep
us all hydrated on my little piece of Gaia.

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I kept you because
Black cats are least adopted 
My onyx of love

Piper or the Little Girl

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eleven years, gone
still think of you when I see
purple hydrangea

front yard May 2018 2

My late husband planted almost all the shrubs in my yard.  I think of him with deep gratitude when they bloom.

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my unripe ideas
promises of future joy
like still green berries

My backyard May, 2018 2

Photo of green blueberries in my backyard.  I’m looking forward to future harvests of berries and ideas.

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her boat traversed the channel
and aligned with the sand

her plan was to inject her confession
treat them to a torrid tale

she stepped ashore, checked her sect dress
and walked to the sanctuary

Writing again this rainy Sunday morning with
the Sunday Whirl.  The words today are check,
inject, sect, dress, confess, treat, tale, torrid,
traverse, sand, channel, align.  Brenda’s choice
of words almost always brings me to a story poem.
So much fun!

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The Stranger

she thought she heard his old truck
drive over the hill and park

certain now because her shy, devil cat
growled, slow and low

she turned the light switch
on and off

snatched her cloth bundle of
bread, strips of bacon, boiled eggs, wild plums

covered in new moon darkness, she handed
the bundle to the stranger, standing in the road

Image result for wild plum photos to use for blogsImage result for dark road photos to use for blogs

Another wordle written with The Sunday Whirl.
The words this week are switch, stranger, bread, devil,
on, shy, drive, off, snatches, growl, strips, light.  I used
all of them.

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