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his stomach knotted as he recalled the pattern his thoughts tightened as he climbed the graveled path he had trimmed his plans to keep them simple and low-key the ocean spray calmed him as he walked the cliff’s edge suddenly, … Continue reading

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The Stranger

she thought she heard his old truck drive over the hill and park certain now because her shy, devil cat growled, slow and low she turned the light switch on and off snatched her cloth bundle of bread, strips of … Continue reading

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She’s Rattled

Writing with the Sunday Whirl this morning.  The words are bare, birds, crescendo, rattle, shatter, teeth, honey, blue, gravity, edges, blood, electrify.  I used them all.  I hope I’ve not forgotten how to post in WordPress.  It has been a … Continue reading

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immeasurable yearning as the sheet catches in flames and inky smoke tomorrow she will wake while still dark and before her confidence erodes she’ll walk the pebbled path to safety in the clay hills that bend to meet her ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Written for The Sunday … Continue reading

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