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there is a wholeness to life there is a wholeness to my life I am a part of the whole, life I am wholly whole      I am Spirit      I am mind      I am body … Continue reading

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Tribute to Mary Oliver

Mary, Mary, Mary through poetry your noticing became mine My poem was written at a Spirit Play session with InterPlay Atlanta. Photo of sunset is a photo I snapped in my front yard.

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his stomach knotted as he recalled the pattern his thoughts tightened as he climbed the graveled path he had trimmed his plans to keep them simple and low-key the ocean spray calmed him as he walked the cliff’s edge suddenly, … Continue reading

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she listens properly to herself she breathes deeply and digs deep into years of dull memories she bears witness to her own earth spirit and to sacred writing her reverent acts of a re-creation of self Wordling again.  Writing with … Continue reading

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  Instinct bodies can bruise, stagger,  and tilt with a breeze psyches can hamper, crack, and smile with an angle but spirit-awakened instinct cannot be lead astray Written for The Sunday Whirl using the twelve words pictured above.  I do enjoy the creative … Continue reading


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