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It Won’t Matter

It Won’t Matter Written by you or not, at the end of your bucket list is the entry:  Meeting with God. It won’t matter one iota if you believed in the shining, pearly gates of heaven and the verses in … Continue reading

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Sometimes I miss being a family of three, but I trust the rightness of now living alone. It is an adventure to see what the future brings to my path of becoming a sage woman… a woman of years and hopefully, wisdom. Today, … Continue reading

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Twine Tied

I conjure memories that carry me back through time to a farm-house now neglected sitting in the bend of a dirt road grey smoke curled from chimneys twine tied bales filled the hay loft where birds carried twigs of vine and … Continue reading

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Grace and Dignity

he said he missed the years that strode by humming with visions of gain he said change strode in and in an instant the drill changed he knows it’s time to buckle down and navigate his hardships with grace and with dignity ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Continue reading

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