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Are you aware that being angry could drive you mad? Yes, we use the words as synonyms but they are also different states of being. Anger involves you and some trigger outside you. While mad can be about you and … Continue reading

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Atlanta 1968

On a bright summer morning I drove Freddie Ford south on the new I-85 toward my future in the city of Atlanta. I felt in my soul and bones that it was a drive that would change me forever. I … Continue reading

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Waiting does not produce patience; especially waiting an hour or two for a call light to be answered. Even more especially when the waiting is to be cleaned of a bodily function. What does the waiting produce? Anger, anxiety, sadness, … Continue reading

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One of her great pleasures, eating and drinking, is now scary…choking and aspiration. Efforts to relax and use techniques cause anxiety and panic. Has she lost weight? Yes, twenty-eight pounds. Her prayer…to eat and drink with ease.

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How to Not Write a Poem

Not feeling this prompt blank today. How to? Here goes…how to not write a poem. Just do it.

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Universally understood A language unlike words Numbers count

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Intellectually, I know there is a higher power in this universe. It matters not what we call it. Why is it so hard, after my stroke, to hold on to a knowing that I could have a connection to and … Continue reading

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After COVID: a sliver of taste After stroke: aspiration and choking Now: Fear accompanies eating, taking away the joy in that sliver of taste A

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Longing for wholeness Experiencing brokenness Skin holds me in here

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What they don’t tell you is there are worse things than death…surly. Sometimes I think my stroke could be worse or a least harder than death. Surly long suffering is worse than death. Surly. No one tells us because no … Continue reading

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