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Hanging On

unlike bats in covered places brown, dried leaves desperately hang to branches in a sprinkle of cold rain   Wrote this morning while waiting in the drive-thru at Starbucks. Some leaves and people find it easy to release and let … Continue reading

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Never Go Back

caring communities take time to listen to concerns and chat about viable compromises they make contact collaborate and serve for decades they bring along a new generation to assure a state of progress for them, regression is not an option … Continue reading

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dismissed in a moment he pondered the why of it as the suits looked past him in the veined marble hall his mind spiraled down a hole  seeking solace in sleep Written for Red Wolf Poems Wordle #25.  The words … Continue reading

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Blackbird’s Soar

Blackbird’s Soar on the wings of night moments arise that free the eyes to see what’s broken and dead in life in morning’s light  the blackbird’s soar frees the heart to see living possibilities ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Written for The Sunday Whirl.  … Continue reading

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Veritable Self

it’s beastly but it’s what’s so spouses leave/ bosses cheat/ dogs chew liars speak/ channels dupe/ cancer grows a rare few release the you-shoulds in life I raise my glass and drink the beading to the few who branch with courage to become … Continue reading

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Toward Wholeness

It’s tough to let down a barrier and swing into power I can’t zip there like diamonds falling over a waterfall but I can strap on courage and suspend my zone of comfort I can pleat details into a unit designed to support a … Continue reading

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Cat’s Growl

  pack your bags ask why dig out the root-cause make a plan to heal by mending in time you’ll miss the cat’s growl you may sleep in rows with bursts of shivering but you won’t visit heaven, yet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Continue reading

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Sometimes I miss being a family of three, but I trust the rightness of now living alone. It is an adventure to see what the future brings to my path of becoming a sage woman… a woman of years and hopefully, wisdom. Today, … Continue reading

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Separate Ways

behind her the first scarlet rays struck the sky the pair knew they didn’t have a moment to spare he had expected this day and saved a bit for it they stood in a long, loving caress then using all their might they walked … Continue reading

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My word is purge.  Yes, I’ve chosen a word for the year.  Purge will help me focus on clearing things, and creating space for more beauty and more creative energy. I have tons of files and paper I want to clear.  I still need … Continue reading

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