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assuming another identity I walked from my office desk to Atlanta’s tree-lined streets in every kind of weather escaping is why I relished my private detective work   An old photo from my years of detective work. My position was … Continue reading

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meditating on the front porch late afternoon sun, bathing all of me I’m mindful of sounds in and around me to my left just off the porch the soft rattling of a bird’s call the comfy purr of a black … Continue reading

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under pecan tree nourishment offered wildlife a bowl of water I hope bees, fig wasp, rabbits, squirrels, birds, and cats visit the water bowl during these hot Georgia days.  Doing my part to keep us all hydrated on my little piece of … Continue reading

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I kept you because Black cats are least adopted  My onyx of love

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eleven years, gone still think of you when I see purple hydrangea My late husband planted almost all the shrubs in my yard.  I think of him with deep gratitude when they bloom.

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my unripe ideas promises of future joy like still green berries Photo of green blueberries in my backyard.  I’m looking forward to future harvests of berries and ideas.

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Toward Wholeness

It’s tough to let down a barrier and swing into power I can’t zip there like diamonds falling over a waterfall but I can strap on courage and suspend my zone of comfort I can pleat details into a unit designed to support a … Continue reading

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Sometimes I miss being a family of three, but I trust the rightness of now living alone. It is an adventure to see what the future brings to my path of becoming a sage woman… a woman of years and hopefully, wisdom. Today, … Continue reading

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My word is purge.  Yes, I’ve chosen a word for the year.  Purge will help me focus on clearing things, and creating space for more beauty and more creative energy. I have tons of files and paper I want to clear.  I still need … Continue reading

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Interview with Poet and Artist Phil Smith

I’m excited to introduce you to friend, artist, and fellow poet, Phil Smith.  Phil is active in the Atlanta poetry community especially with the reading group Private Poetry Unveiled.  I met Phil at the group’s very first unveiling. Phil studied art at the Maryland … Continue reading

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