Walk Remembered

The joy of warm plums eaten from a bush growing on the ditch of a dirt road.

Walking with my brother who carried his toddler son on his shoulders.

His wife and my husband walking with us.

We were young. Walking country roads like we did as kids…eating wild plums and blackberries.

I can still feel the love felt on that long ago, blessed summer day.

My brother, Dwight, his wife, Inga, and my husband, Doug, have all passed away.

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4 Responses to Walk Remembered

  1. danielb59 says:

    Remember eating those dirt road ditch plums. Good memories. Wayne Dyer and I would pick sack fulls and climb into our tree house and eat them while reading comic books. Dan

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  2. danielb59 says:

    I spoke with him by phone about 3 weeks ago. First time since the early ’90s. He said that he was a tax preparer. Imagine that!!! I plan to try and see him in the not-too-distant future. He lives in Athens. Dan

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