The prompt today is to write a sound poem. Below is what I wrote:

To reduce my anxiety I started listening to calming piano music found on YouTube though a link from a friend. Sometimes it worked to reduce anxiety and sometimes it didn’t.

Lately, listening reminds me of all the desperate times I listened, hoping to feel calmer…naturally it is anxiety producing now. What the heck! I give my after-a- stroke brain an A+ at creating anxiety and an F at creating calm. Gotta turn this ship around.

Calm piano sounds

Reducing anxiety

Until it doesn’t

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4 Responses to Sound

  1. My son can hardly listen to music sometimes because he hears it so emotionally. I go through phases about what makes me calm. Sometimes I need head-banging music to feel good.

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  2. I am too emotional listening to music. It doesn’t relax me. I love it, but enjoy it in a concert hall or when I am not trying to sleep or such. Good for you for trying. We are all different. It may work differently for you. Try everything. All the best, Muriel

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