What’s There?

What’s there in a dream? Is a dream real, as in reality? Dreams are real to our physical bodies…I do know that. Through the years, I’ve been awakened from several dreams by orgasms so deep they were body shaking.

A difference I know is that we together create reality, but only I create my dreams. Well, at least I think this is true. What do any of us really know about reality…what is out there vs in here?

I’ve had three dreams of walking and moving since my stroke. They felt so real and wonderful…I wished I could stay in the dreams, the reality that I created only in a dream.

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9 Responses to What’s There?

  1. Jules says:

    May your recovery continue. I have had relatives that had success in recovery, healing can be a slow process. Our bodys can be fickle. Just as I think dreams can be.

    I dream in color and can taste and feel fear. I dream of those who have passed. I dream of ease and of distress. I think the news seeps into our dreams too. There were times I wanted to stay in my dreams (especially when I was in distress in real life) and other times I thought I had woken, but had not. Our brains are amazing.

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