Atlanta 1968

On a bright summer morning I drove Freddie Ford south on the new I-85 toward my future in the city of Atlanta. I felt in my soul and bones that it was a drive that would change me forever.

I stayed with a friend until I found a job and my own place. I worked at Southern Detectives, Inc. on West Peachtree Street. I loved that area of Atlanta and usually took a walk at lunch to feel the city vibes.

For Southern Detectives, I handled their accounts receivable and did under cover jobs when they needed a woman.

Those were the days of smoking in the office and a couple of cocktails at lunch. There was a bar at the back of our parking lot and the entire accounting department often went there for lunch. Just a few blocks away was the first ever Mellow Mushroom. It was a little shack with two long-haired guys smoking joints and making pizzas. It was truly a mellow lunch place…you left with a pizza and a buzz.

My first apartment was on Peachtree Avenue in Buckhead. Another friend from high school joined me as a roommate. I eventually got my own tiny apartment in a Mansion on Ponce de Leon Avenue and a year or so later got married in the large church beside the mansion at the corner of Ponce and Highland.

A work friend introduced me to UUCA…Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta. I loved it immediately. Going there changed me to the core in wonderful ways. A friend from those UUCA days visited me last week in the nursing home. It was a joy.

I also enrolled in community college and loved the courses. I had gone to business college in Anderson, S.C. after high school.

I can still feel in my soul and memory that ride in Freddie Ford to Atlanta and my exciting new life. Moving to Atlanta and finding UUCA profoundly changed me and my life forevermore.

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18 Responses to Atlanta 1968

  1. Denise says:

    Wow, what an exciting for job. You went undercover and I never knew. I want to hear more. Such a delightful reading. Thank you.

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  2. Julianne says:

    Oh Sabra! I have met you anew in this piece! What a wonderful introduction to someone I’ve known …and not known… for years!!

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  3. I can just see all of it. I enjoy the feeling that I’m sitting with you as you reminisce. The Southern Detectives part sounds like the start of a great novel! With the drinks and smoking and the bar for lunch…

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  4. Southern Detectives, sounds like a title for a novel, set in 1968 Atlanta.

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  5. Donna Fromm says:

    Love this Sabra….
    I could feel the joy, ease, excitement, and sense of belonging you’ve had. Beautifully captured in your writing.
    Thanks for sharing here.
    Donna 💞

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  6. lynnhesse says:

    Wonderful memoir experience. I think you’re on to something..make some money.

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  7. Great story! I know the mansion and the Abby next door—now part of the Art Institute of Atlanta. I presume you don’t live here anymore.

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  8. What an interesting post. Loved reading it, especially learning that you worked for a detective agency. I’ll be careful around you. Chuckle. All the best, Muriel

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