Bumble Bee, I Miss Thee

oh, how I miss thee, bumble bee

buzzing from bloom to bloom
in my Azalea garden

once so plentiful
you freighted me

now I only see one
or two of thee

I miss the sunny days of
your sweet flight

child playing
husband swatting

he had a fear of bumble bees
your darting and humming flight

mirthful guy, precious child,
delightful bees, I miss thee

Poem written for a prompt from Robert Brewer
at Writer’s Digest. The prompt was to write an
insect poem. Photo is of my now late husband,
my now adult daughter, and me as a young woman.

Poem and photography by Sabra Bowers


About Sabra Bowers

Poet / Blogger / Writer
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6 Responses to Bumble Bee, I Miss Thee

  1. Kathy Meenach says:

    Perfect poem for those of us yearning for the fresh days of spring! I can see and hear those bumblebees now 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sabra Bowers says:

      Thanks, Kathy, so can I. I honestly only saw two bumble bees this past spring. I felt so sad. There used to be hundreds in our yard when Dana was young. Here’s to spring and a sojourn or two.


  2. Donna Fromm says:

    Beautiful Sabra! love the images you provided and the sweet aroma of the memories….Love your writing…..

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  3. Loved your poem. I, too, miss bees and butterflies. I am honoured you’ve chosen to follow my blog and shall be regularly checking in on yours as well.


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