To Move

Not called to move
Prefer stillness
And looking within

I seek solitude and silence
The world is never silent

Neither are my thoughts
They often ramble
To the past or future

Am I an antenna
For thoughts
Moving in the now?


I wrote this poem at a workshop given by John Fox of Poetic Medicine.
His prompt was – to move.  I left the workshop at first break that day.
I was already feeling the call to social distance and honored my knowing
that I wanted to be in another place, alone.  



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9 Responses to To Move

  1. Jules says:

    I used to be quite social… but have moved into the realm of family and social distancing long before this ‘new era’… there is a comfort in ones own thoughts – but I do enjoy the friends I have met through technology and am quite glad for them.

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  2. An excellent prompt for a poem, and I like the way you wrote it. My thoughts seem to have an antenna also, but in my meditations, we are urged to not think of past or future, but to live in the NOW. I’m trying to, and it’s awfully quiet in the NOW, now. 🙂

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