Fine Memories

Fine memories dwell here.
I can almost hear them
when I close my eyes.

Blog post 1-29-20


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4 Responses to Fine Memories

  1. Gerri Smith says:

    Hi Sabra. I am always so happy to get these poems from you. I especially love this one.

    I wanted to give you my personal email address – I am retiring and my last day is Friday. I hope you will continue sending me your poems in the future.

    Hope all is well.


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    • Sabra Bowers says:

      Hi Gerri. Congratulations on retirement. It is the best! Thank you for letting me know and for letting me know you like my poetry. For you to continue seeing my blog posts, you need to follow with your personal email address. I can’t add you, but you can easily add it. Just click the follow button on the top right and enter your email address. So good to hear from you. All is well and I hope the same for you. Later.


  2. Sabra, I adore these words. Thank you ❤

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