New Place

desiring a new place
to set it down
to set me down

could I see my old place
with awakened eyes
with a new story

does needing a fresh start
require a new place
or would a divergent story suffice


poem for blog 1

Written in a workshop (Exploring Epiphany) led by
John Fox of Poetic Medicine.  We were to take inspiration
from a line in Fresh a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye.

I chose the line And set it down in.  We had about five
minutes to write a poem.

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2 Responses to New Place

  1. I used to pray to God to call me to missions somewhere FAR FAR away, and it occurred to me later that I didn’t want to be of service, so much as I wanted an excuse to leave the (then) current situation I was too weak and afraid to get out of. When I read your words today, it made me remember writing that new story from the same location. Thanks for that. 🙂 Jenn

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