assuming another identity
I walked from my office desk
to Atlanta’s tree-lined streets

in every kind of weather
escaping is why I relished
my private detective work


Sabra and Shanhee

An old photo from my years of detective work.
My position was in accounting, but I took undercover
assignments when a woman was needed for the job.
My sweet puppy’s name was Shanhe, a Ihasa Opso.
He was a tiny baby then.

Written for The Daily Creative Practice Summer
Solstice Creativity Challenge.  The theme is Secrets.



About Sabra Bowers

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8 Responses to Secrets

  1. lynnhesse says:

    There is a novel idea, or a short story.

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  2. annell4 says:

    How intereesting, lives woven into lives…do we ever really know who we are?

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  3. hypercryptical says:

    I would have loved that, the secret life. One of my dreams in childhood was to be a private detective, I relished the idea of cloak and dagger. I also dreamed of being a vet or working in an antique shop. I did none of those!
    Anna :o]

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    • Sabra Bowers says:

      Maybe you could do one of those now. My detective work was unarmed. I’m not the armed type, then or now.


      • hypercryptical says:

        Way too old now Sabra and creaking joints have robbed me of my nimbleness, maybe I was never nimble…Tending my outdoor plants, all in pots, is my chosen (now) pleasure, even though sometimes I have to do it crawling around on all fours…
        Anna :o]

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sabra Bowers says:

        Well we do have to leave some things undone. I know I have. And it is not true that it is never too late. We must be a certain age to know that tho. Enjoy what you can each day.


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