meditating on the front porch
late afternoon sun, bathing all of me
I’m mindful of sounds in and around me

to my left just off the porch
the soft rattling of a bird’s call
the comfy purr of a black cat rubbing my right leg

in the distance, the flowing hum of auto traffic
an airplane high above, barely audible
and the hiss of my tinnitus, always with me

front porch May 2018 1

One of two ferns that hang on either end of my front porch.

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4 Responses to Meditating

  1. hypercryptical says:

    The sun inspires meditation, when I sit on the bench in my b\ck garden. The world dreams through me in an odd but wonderful vague. awareness.
    Mild tinnitus is an intermittent companion, she is with me now, ringing in my L ear – but not enough to irritate.
    I am seriously jealous of your fern!
    Anna :o]

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    • Sabra Bowers says:

      Glad your tinnitus is intermittent and doesn’t irritate. I love my ferns, too. They require daily watering, but worth it. That back garden bench of yours sounds like a great place for meditation.


      • hypercryptical says:

        The bench is of the storage kind, full of my grandsons’ garden toys. Only the little one (3) bothers with its contents now, he did this morning, scattering 3 million balls – okay, a slight exaggeration – around said garden
        It is lovely, against the kitchen wall, catching the full sun in a south-facing aspect. It is a necessary rest-point when watering nearly a hundred potted plants and I do have to take several rests… My solitary fern is not very happy.
        Anna :o]

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      • Sabra Bowers says:

        Water and shade make the ferns happy. Water well every day. Give them shade. Wow, love that you have that many potted plants. Enjoy your container garden. I enjoy pictures of container gardens on Pinterest.


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