It Won’t Matter


It Won’t Matter

Written by you or not,
at the end of your bucket list
is the entry:  Meeting with God.

It won’t matter one iota
if you believed in the shining,
pearly gates of heaven and
the verses in a bewildering, sacred text.

It won’t matter
if you scattered kindness
your entire life or
blackened everyone’s days.

The secret will finally be revealed.
Is God a vibration or what?
Or…is God not?

Written for Red Wolf Poems’ Wordle #21.  I used some form of the following words:  vibration, God, bucket, kindness, scattering, bewilderment, shining, blackened, pearl, verse, sacred, heaven, secrets, writing.


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19 Responses to It Won’t Matter

  1. These words fit perfectly…ever one of them…I love the idea of the that last scratched idea on the bucket-list. Nicely wordled, Sabra!

  2. Irene says:

    Final shudder. You took us somewhere, Sabra.

  3. Ron Byrd says:

    Most excellent !

  4. Skillful use of the words–for me, this underlines the importance of living fully in the present moment.

    • Sabra Bowers says:

      Thank you, Victoria. I agree about living fully and in the present moment. It can be hard to do, but well worth doing. And I’m sure you would agree that living fully doesn’t necessarily mean living large. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Grace says:

    Meeting with God, why not, smiles ~ I enjoyed your weaving of words ~ This word list stumped me ~

  6. brian miller says:

    we will all know the answer soon enough…at the end of all things…we will know…if our time does not come sooner…one truth we can not deny…smiles.

  7. Poet Laundry says:

    Oh, I love that first stanza! -ha So true Sabra!

  8. So well asked, or written. I still ask – does it matter? But I also see people stress over the silliest things, and I want to shout, “in the end, it really doesn’t matter!”
    The question truly is, though, what IS the end, right??? 🙂
    Fun poem.

  9. Sabra, thanks for your comment on Rollie’s funeral. Ironic and cool that this poem follows your comment on another appt with God!

    This was an unusual Wordle; guess I will have to put that prompt up on my list to troll each week. Your refrain worked so well. It really won’t matter at all, none of it. The bucket list, yes. I know there are loads of folks who don’t believe in that bucket list entry, don’t believe in God, and I get that, but it doesn’t take away from the point of your poem: Live life well. The rest? Who knows? And since we don’t know, let’s live each day as if it were our last… on our best behavior! Amy

  10. Sabra Bowers says:

    You are most welcome and thank you for your visit and kind comments. Yes, indeed, let’s live each day as fully as we can. For me, that doesn’t necessary mean packing our to-do list or always running here and there. Just as we need night and day, we also need activity and rest. I love the rest part. 🙂 I enjoy seeing you here!

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