Interview with Poet Kimberly S. Meenach

kimToday I’m excited to introduce you to Kim Meenach, a poet and personal friend.  Kim recently published her first collection of poems titled Where Sand Touches Sea…Poems of a Soulful Nature.  It contains my favorite of Kim’s poems,  Love Among Furniture.  We will share that poem with you after our interview.

Kim’s poetry is also published in Oracle 20/20 magazine and in the International Library of Poetry complication Windows of Perception; however, Kim’s preferred way of sharing her poetry is to read it at venues around the city of Atlanta where she lives with her beloved greyhound, Promise.

Now for our interview:

Sabra:  Since you are not a poet who actively pursued publication, would you tell us what motivated you, at this time, to publish a collection of  your poems?

Kim:  Family and friends strongly nudged me for the last few years to put together a collection of poems, but I was still pretty shy and unsure about sharing my poetry with the universe.  Then last year, my dad had a stroke and things changed.  He had been a huge advocate of wanting me to do a book (he’s an amateur writer himself); and I suddenly felt the fleetingness of time.  Simultaneously, my confidence began to grow and become stronger as I did more sharing and readings and continued to receive positive feedback.  Divine timing at work, probably.  It finally just felt right to do the book.  Completed in December, I was able to give my dad the long-awaited poetry book for Christmas.  He had tears in his eyes and a smile on his face when he opened the package…and that meant everything to me!

Sabra:  Your poem Love Among Furniture thrills me.  It begins with neglect, moves to longing, and finally a wish come true.  I can feel the gentle maleness of that chair.  What was your inspiration for writing Love Among Furniture?

Kim:  One of my favorite things is the unknown surprise of what will inspire a poem.  It can virtually be anything.  Love Among Furniture was inspired by looking into my sunroom and seeing favorite pieces of furniture and art that made me smile.  I feel everything has a spirit and personality.  I was studying how the room was arranged and started wondering what the chair and the painting, that were facing each other, would think or say, if they were “real” (think Beauty and the Beast).  Then I started thinking about how some art collectors will buy a painting, but then just leave it on the wall.  There’s not much interaction with it, once purchased.  That felt lonely to me and a mixture of thoughts started swirling in my mind and I started writing.  From that interweaving of inspiration, Love Among Furniture was born.  And it seems everyone enjoys a little love story with a happy ending.

Sabra:  Since I’ve shared my favorite poem in your collection, would you tell us which poem is your favorite and why it is your favorite?

Kim:  Hmmmm…well, I actually have two favorites, if that’s okay.  December and She.  Both poems are a true reflection of my soul because they are full of vulnerability, mystery, and longing.

Sabra:  Thank you, Kim.  Now I can and will read those two poems with a new perspective.   Before we share your poem Love Among Furniture, is there anything you would like to add to our interview?

Kim:  First, I’d like to say thank you for choosing to interview me.  Second, I’d like to say this to all the closet poets who scribble and write, then just close their notebooks or shove their poems in a drawer:  open your notebooks, open your drawers, share your poems with others to give the poems life.  Yes, it can be scary, but poetry can be beautiful and emotional – a way to visualize and feel.  Sharing can give the gifts of joy, inspiration and healing.  To me that is the greatest honor a poem can receive.

Sabra:  Kim, thank you for your encouraging words and for doing this interview with me.  Keep poeming!

Love Among Furniture

You paid a price for her

took her home and hung her on a nail

in the center of a vacant wall

where there was no illuminating glow

to draw out the topaz of her eyes

or cast away

the shadows from her searching smile.

She was left alone

to collect graying dust.

But the chair across the room

saw her.

Every day he sat up straight with his tall, caned back

memorizing each brushstroke

that created the radiance

of her face

and the curve of her waist

as she seemingly turned towards him

in a gesture

of saying hello.

When darkness came each night

the chair would sigh

steady in the stillness

wishing she could fall into

his carved mahogany arms

and rest her head against his embracing frame.

Maybe she wished this, too.

The movers came one morning

lifted the portrait from the wall

and gently propped her

into the seat of the antique chair

that was sitting without fanfare

in the corner of the room.

The chair creaked with joy for this long dreamt

dream come true

and thanked the lucky stars

that the Painted Beauty

was finally in his arms.


Where Sand Touches Sea...: Poems of a Soulful Nature~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Kim’s poetry book can be found at

Where Sand Touches Sea is where you can read Kim’s favorite poems ~ December and She.

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6 Responses to Interview with Poet Kimberly S. Meenach

  1. bookendings says:

    Wonderful interview! It is so true that inspiration can come from anywhere (and sometimes out of nowhere), Kim’s words regarding publishing her work are, indeed, an inspiration.

  2. Kathy Meenach says:

    Kim has much soulfulness in her writing. There is an elegance in the way she approaches words. Her poetry is very visual, real and meaningful. I am blessed to have her as a sister.

    • Sabra Bowers says:

      You are blessed to have her as a sister, Kathy. And she is blessed to have you….then add Jenny to the sisters and it is awesome. Thanks for leaving us a comment, Kathy. 🙂

  3. Dawn =) says:

    Kin’s poetry touches me like Hallmark. I either cry or laugh. Very powerful. I just think she is amazing. =)

    • Sabra Bowers says:

      Hi Dawn. I’m so glad to see you here. Touches you like Hallmark is a terrific thing to say about Kim’s poetry. 🙂 I certainly know you could write a Hallmark card or two. Thanks for leaving us a comment.

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