Reading Dylan

I am a fan of Bob Dylan’s songwriting, his old man voice, his storytelling ability, and the many layers in his music.   I was glad to hear that Dylan was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

When I finished reading Dylan’s book Chronicles: Volume One, I immediately wrote a poem .  I’ve noticed that his work never fails to activate my muse.  I finished his book on August 8, 2009 and this is the poem I wrote:

Reading Dylan

Kissed the book.

Said aloud,

“You brought me some good hours of reading, Bob Dylan.”

Finely constructed sentences

Phrases that made my heart sing

Surprising descriptions of room and buildings

Chapters jumping here and there

My mind alert and jumping with you

Escorted back through memories

by words of a courageous man

and award-winning artist.


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15 Responses to Reading Dylan

  1. Veronica Roth says:

    That’s a beautiful ode Sabra. I have a few people who inspire me like that. Isn’t it wonderful to connect with someone? Even just thru one song or one image. You are very lucky to have had this experience.


    • Sabra Bowers says:

      Veronica, I do feel blessed to experience the enjoyment and the added bonus of stirred creativity. I also appreciate Leonard Cohen’s work just as much. Thank you for sharing with me!


  2. Khara House says:

    I *love* Bob Dylan–both his early works and his later, gospel albums. I had the privilege of seeing him live in concert while I was in undergrad; it was an amazing experience, with so many generations coming together to appreciate a legendary musician. I’ve yet to read his book, but I’ve heard good things about his writing and the poetic style he can’t help but engage!
    Thank you for sharing your poem with us!


    • Sabra Bowers says:

      Khara, you are welcome and thank you for sharing your experience with Dylan’s concert. If you are a fan, you will enjoy his book…lots of poetic style! Speaking of gospel, I love You Gotta Serve Somebody.


  3. danadampier says:

    A wonderful poem for Dylan. He should be flattered! hehe This makes me want to listen to some of his music!


    • Sabra Bowers says:

      Dana, my daughter (Dana) says I should send it to him or “his people.” But I don’t believe Dylan would be the least bit interested. I suggest you not just listen to his music from his youth (nothing wrong with those..especially the lyrics and his voice was still dependable) because you won’t hear a lot of layering on those. I really like the instrumental part of his later body of work. Some people hate his old man, shot voice, but I like it; and I like that he puts a lot of feeling in what he is singing. Sounds like real people! He is a great example of someone who followed (and still does) his passion and his own path…no matter what anyone said (or says) about him. Wish I had that kind of courage.


  4. Bella says:

    I’d never been much of a Bob Dylan fan until I’d heard some of his songs copied by more contemporary artists. Yes, yes, I know. But at least now I’m curious to hear his music in his voice.



    • Sabra Bowers says:

      First of all thank you for reading my blog, Bella. Yes, do listen to Dylan in his own voice. If you like poetic lyrics and great layered instrumentation, you should like Dylan. Just imagine you are listening to an old blues singer in New Orleans and you will be more in the mood to appreciate his older voice and the fact that he keeps singing despite what may be said about his voice. I listen to all his music (from his youth on up to now) so I know what his young voice (Lay Lady Lay) was like and somehow that makes me appreciate his old voice and the fact that he still performs and goes for it. He sets a good example for doing what you love for as long as you love it. Yes!


  5. Beautiful, Sabra, thanks for sharing this. He is my favorite. And, he is my muse, too. I can’t help but write when I hear his incredible mind spilling out words. Lilie


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