Toward Wholeness

Photo by Sabra Bowers

It’s tough to let down a barrier
and swing into power

I can’t zip there
like diamonds falling over a waterfall

but I can strap on courage
and suspend my zone of comfort

I can pleat details into a unit
designed to support a cascade of progress

into a stream of wholeness where
 free to be my potent and impotent self

Written for The Sunday Whirl.  The words this week are barrier, detail, diamond, pleat, power, strap, swing, suspend, tough, unit, waterfall. zip.

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Cat’s Growl


Piper for Blog

Photo by Sabra Bowers

pack your bags
ask why
dig out the root-cause

make a plan to heal
by mending in time

you’ll miss the cat’s growl
you may sleep in rows
with bursts of shivering

but you won’t visit heaven, yet

Writing for the Sunday Whirl, again.  The words this week are root, plan, pack, heaven, growl, heal, burst, rows, shivering, mending, why, time.  Also sharing with open link night at dVerse~Poets Pub.


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We Write Poems Wordle-10


she leaves honeysuckle to weave
its tangles around forsythia branches
knowing the fragrance soothes her southern soul

with scented memories of a long-ago girl
who pulled wild honeysuckle blooms
and sucked their sweetness

Written for We Write Poems Wordle #10.

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Sometimes I miss being a family of three, but I trust the rightness of now living alone.
It is an adventure to see what the future brings to my path of becoming a sage woman…
a woman of years and hopefully, wisdom.

Today, I enjoy the memory of the long ago day that we made this snow family in our backyard.

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Twine Tied

I conjure memories that carry me back through time
 a farm-house now neglected

sitting in the bend of a dirt road
grey smoke curled from chimneys

twine tied bales filled the hay loft where
birds carried twigs of vine and trinkets for nests in the rafters

and salt blocks for cows sat near
fence posts capped with tin

I sigh and know it is a time and a place and a people
I cannot return to, except in spirit.

Written for The Sunday Whirl.  The words are twine, conjure, nest, carry, spirits, bend, through, curl, trinkets, neglect, caps, back, sigh.

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Strawberry Jam

plucked strings float their music and
the soft rattle of dishes brings running cats

strawberry jam tops freshly baked bread
a warm mug of chai lifts my spirit

while dreams still whisper in my head
a glorious sunrise escorts morning

One morning this week there was the most beautiful sunrise out my kitchen window.
I knew I wanted to remember it, so I decided to use  a few of the We Wordle words to
write about that brief sacred-feeling moment in my morning.

Linking with We Write Poems~~We Wordle #2

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Cemetery Jesus

hawk on the head of
a cemetery Jesus

I imagine he chuckles
at my expectation of a dove

Linking with dVerse~Poets Pub

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Sunday Whirl  1-12-14


I need to illuminate
for its impact extracted
a horrible price

the scene was remote
forsaken by moonlight

littered by the storm
not a ripple in the pool

 and I swear

Written for The Sunday Whirl.  The words are above the poem.

I’ve noticed it is easy for me to pen a dark poem with the Whirl words.   I wonder if I could write a mystery, short story or novel.  Also noticed, when I write an unprompted poem, it is not dark.  My daughter is correct in saying that the prompted poems allow me to use words I would not normally use.  I can add that the prompted poems also allow me to
write from my shadow side; a fun place to occasionally visit on paper.

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A Song

I want a song
to steal my heart away

a song for morning
to help me greet the day

at noon, a melody
for dancing blues away

a chant for evening
to lull and tuck away

the entire scale is needed
to take me through the day

Linking with dVerse~Poets Pub for the first time.

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Broken Promises

self-love is letting go
of broken promises

promises I’ve made
and ones made to me

promises made with good intention
and ones made with no intention

broken promises are
yesterday’s news

My word for 2014 is Purge; letting go of broken promises is the beginning of my purge.

Linking with Poets United for the first time.  They are a community for poets who blog.

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